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Education Newsletter and Deal Tracker

Overview of M&A and Capital Raising in the UK Education Sector


Welcome to the Winter edition of Adam Street’s Education Newsletter and Deal Tracker.


Since we published the previous Newsletter there are two words that have the potential to change the face of investment in the UK Education sector – Brexit and Trump.


Despite concerns, since the Brexit vote, the UK has commanded the highest share of European M&A, both in volume and value, according to Mergermarket. However, Trump’s protectionist politics, hostility towards both the US Federal Reserve and free trade deals generally, could help destabilise the USD, which in turn could have a negative impact on future deal activity in the UK.


The truth of the matter is that no one really knows what impact these events will have on the UK economy in the longer term. At Adam Street, we remain highly optimistic that the UK Education sector is resilient enough to deal with a changing geopolitical landscape and we believe that M&A activity in the UK Education sector will continue to grow. 


In this newsletter Adam Street has conducted a thorough review of M&A and investment activity within the UK Education sector. A total of 38 new transactions have been identified since April 2016 with average valuation multiples rising on the back of a strengthening market.

Across the group, our team of professional advisers has many years’ experience advising both education and healthcare companies, their shareholders and management teams on selling and acquiring businesses, raising capital, refinancing and restructuring. Should you wish to discuss our views on the education sector in more detail or explore options available to you and your business we would be very interested in having a conversation with you.


We trust that the newsletter makes for interesting reading and we look forward to hearing from you.


Please click here to download our newsletter and deal tracker.

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