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Selling Businesses

We specialise in selling businesses with a typical value of up to £100 million but have on occasion worked on much larger client engagements.

Preparation is key to a successful outcome. We spend a significant amount of time with management and the owners preparing the business for sale. In particular, we identify and deal with any issues, very early in the process, that could potentially jeopardise a transaction or cause a purchaser to “price chip” at the last minute.


In a highly competitive M&A market, ensuring that your business is presented in such a way that it grabs the attention of potential acquirers is one of our core strengths.


The depth of experience of our Partners has resulted in us developing a global network with access to and relationships with potential acquirers and private equity investors in several territories such as the US and Canada, United Kingdom and Europe, the Middle East, China, Southern Africa, and Australia and New Zealand. In addition to our Global Network, we have an ongoing research programme to identify new private equity and debt funds and calculate the amount of “dry powder” that they have to invest.


Value can be created or lost depending upon the skill and experience of the person negotiating on your behalf. As owners of our own business we empathise with you and approach every transaction with the same level of care and diligence as we would our own business, ensuring that you receive the highest valuation on the best possible terms under the most appropriate structure for their circumstance.


Our legal and tax partners are always on standby to get involved at any stage to ensure you are covered from both a legal and tax perspective.

About our services


Most of our business comes through referrals from other professionals and former clients.  


On a number of occasions we have sold businesses to people who in turn become long term clients of ours and we have even gone on to invest alongside some of them.


As professionals and business owners, the key to our success is earning clients’ trust and delivering results.


We are persistent in our approach, exploring all options, and we believe we go further than most corporate advisers in adding and creating value for our clients.


To maintain our reputation for delivering exceptional professional service we ensure that all client engagements are Partner led.





“Deep knowledge of the private equity market, assisted us to find the right partner for our business"

“Extensive upfront preparation and thorough due diligence exceeded our expectations"



“Impressed with the professionalism and expertise of how they ran the process"



“Knowledge of the market and networks provided us with many options”

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